Adapter for recording telephone conversations - AS mini

10.00 €
A miniature adapter for recording calls from a landline phone.

You get an adapter with a 3.5mm audio jack for voice recorder / laptop and phone cables 1 meter to connect to the telephone line.

It simply connects (in parallel) to a fixed line anywhere in the house.

Conversations can be recorded with high quality on a voice recorder or laptop,
and it connects via audio MIC input.

The recorder (dictaphone) can be powered by batteries or a power adapter.

While a laptop can only be used when powered by a battery,
because the power supply from the 110/220 V mains is interfered with and
in this case, a more expensive and higher quality PC-AS model should be used.

The price of a better PC-AS adapter is higher because it is significantly better, has galvanic isolation from the telephone line, dual overvoltage and lightning protection, and an impulse filter, which is especially important if you want to connect it to a device that has an automatic voice switch (VOR, VAS, etc.) so as not to get involved in the noise coming from the telephone line when the handset is hung up.

Phone spying may be punishable in your country.
You can attach a device on your line to record your personal conversations.


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